Flexicom-Access is a simple, reliable and extensible access control system. It works on a 3 wires bus Flexicom-Control-System® with badges, cards or electronic keys.

Flexible access control
The readers are placed at every check point and give the appropriate feed-back to the presentation of a valid badge (opening of the door, IHS actions ...) but also of a non-valid badge (no dooropening, but telephone call to the security, switching on of the security camera ...).

You can create up to 500 profiles, which can be even adapted on a personal level (e.g. managing staff, employees, dayteam, nightteam ... 
You can connect Flexicom Access control system very easily with our doorphone interface Alpha Plus and our home and office automation system Flexicom-Control-System®






  • Valid and invalid badges
  • Opening of doors
  • Access to certain floors or offices
  • Access on certain days or even hours
  • In case of an invalid badge: denial of the entrance, telephone call to security, switch on security camera 
  • Interaction with home and offi ce automation is possible: eg lights on/off, switching on of the alarm system...
  • Interaction with a doorphone system is possible: door opening
  • You can create up to 500 profiles and x individuals, and every individual can even be personalised.