Technical information Flexicom-Access

Flexicom-Access® is an easy, reliable en extendable access control system. It functions with the Flexicom-Control-System® 3-wire bus, with badges, cards or electronic keys. The card readers are the entry points and respond to valid but also invalid badges. You can enter up to 500 different profiles, adjustable even at the individual level. You can easily connect our Flexicom call system with our door phone interface Alpha Plus and our home automation system Flexicom-Control-System ®

  • Flexicom-Access works on a 3-wire bus Flexicom-Control ® System with electronic keys, badges or tickets.
  • The usual notification of a valid badge gives access to the premises and the anticipated functions.
  • Flexicom Access can be interfaced with home automation modules Flexicom-Control-System ® and our door phone interface Alpha Plus.




Technical information

  • Programmation software for Flexicom
    Download FLTOOLS vs 3.75
  • Access control software
    Download FLACCESS vs 1.4
  • Supervision programm for elevators
    Download FLLIFT
  • Programmation software for ALPHA+
    Download ALPROG vs 1.24

To download the program, click on 'download' and choose 'save this program to disk'. Then save the program in the folder of your choice.