Flexicom-Control System

Flexicom-Control ® System is a modular system developed and produced by us for all your home and office automation applications.

Home and office automation for everyone
Our clever modular design makes it extremely flexible and reliable. You start with some simple lighting modules, and you can add later at any time additional modules for every possible application. In this way it remains simple and affordable.

Bus system
Our automation system is operated via a universal cable with three conductors: two power wires and one wire data. ("Socket" called). Several modules can be linkked to the 'bus'. You decide later, through the programming, what each module should do. (lights, doors, blinds, heating, multimedia). You set up a simple system that offers a limitless range of possibilities to expand.
It goes without saying of course that the 'bus' wires to lights, switches and sockets are either already installed, or can be easily placed.



  • Modular and expandable to suit every need
  • Affordabl
  • With a simple basic module you can already control 4 lights
  • Available in convenient pre-programmed kits
  • Several links are possible: telephone, alarm, intercom, videophone, lighting, audio, video, computers, main entrances, heating, ...
  • The decentralization of functions and modules allows the installer to ensure a smooth, fast and efficient way to work.
  • 100% Belgian product, developed and manufactured by Electronic Design
  • More than 20 years experience
    We are over 20 years active in the field of home automation applications. So you can really rely on our experience in handling construction projects, both new construction and renovation. We can advise from initial design to the actual completion of the project.