How does domtics work?

In the conventional electrical equipment a switch is directly connected to the object that should be switched on and off: a switch for each lamp, an on / off button for each shutter, TV, music system, intercom, ...
With automation, this way of working is completely rethought and we work with a bus system.

Bus system

In addition to the electrical cables , seperate universal cables are installed in loop to all switches and / or outlet. So, everything is connected in one big loop.

It is only after you the installation of all cables that you program via your PC which switch is connected to witch lightpoint or socket and in which combinations.

Our automation system is operated via a universal cable with three conductors: two power wires and one wire data. (called 'Bus'). Several modules can be linked to the 'bus'. You decide later, through the programming, what each module should do. (lights, doors, blinds, heating, multimedia).
In this way you can set up a very simple system which you can extend later in an unlimited range of possibilities.

Condition is of course that the 'bus' wires to lights, switches and sockets are either already installed, or can be placed easily.


Modular Flexicom Control System
Electronic Design invents and develops me and office automation systems.
Our Flexicom-Control-System ® allows you to very simple to very large applications in function  of your needs: e.g. time, presence, light and temperature. And of course it is always possible to manually control everything.

Our modular system's reliability has been proven over the last 20 years