Domotics is the name for the combination of a host of smart electrical devices in homes and offices. It is the contraction of the Greek "domus" (house) and the word 'informatics'.

Think for example of smart home or office automation lighting, access control, multimedia control, blinds, air conditioning ... This, from the building itself but also remotely via your PC or smartphone. Thus, depending on your presence and what you do best every room is always heated, ventilated and lighted.

Domotics can also be simple and affordable
You can go very far with home and office automation and control everything. But you can also opt for very easy and simple solutions, eg start with only the lighting control through automation. This way you benefit directly from a convenient and flexible system, which is also very affordable.

Our Flexicom Control System is modular and allows you to easily start with a few modules that you can always expand later.


Thinking differently
If you want to work with home or office automation, you need to think differently. The switch no longer serves to light 1 lamp. No, the switch allows to lit a predetermined atmosphere by a cluster of bulbs and / or devices to operate. So you require a lot fewer switches.
Some examples:

  • Dining Table
    o Candle light atmosphere: dim chandelier with dimmed lights or spots around
    o Card table atmosphere: bright chandelier and brighter lights around
  • Living
    o TV mood: various soft lights behind and around the TV
    o Reading atmosphere: Dimmed lights except the places where people want to read
    o Romantic atmosphere: dim with a push of a button all the lights and come directly into the right 'mood'
  • Office
    o In conjunction with access control and / or motion detectors, you can wether to start the lighting in some offices, At the same time, you can even start the heating and arrange the PCs and even the coffee machine to be turned on.