Door phone interfaces

Always know who is calling at your door
You can use your intercom to do much more than just check who's at the door. For example, what if you are not at home? Or if your building has multiple entrances? Or if there are multiple companies in one building?
By using a doorphone interface you leave the traditional thinking of a line, a call button and a listening post and head straight to the future: the door phone. This increases your comfort and safety.

Phone or mobile instead of a listening post
Through our Alpha + TPI interface you answer the intercom and enter commands through your own telephone, mobile phone or central phone system. The interface is put between the intercom and the phone, mobile phone  or switchboard of your choice and existing or new installations.

Leader for 20 years
This unique and very affordable interface has been developed by us in the '80 and has proven its comfort and reliability in thousands intercom / phone system.


Our door phone solutions

  • Alpha +
    This interface is unique in Belgium and can connect up to 100 doorphones or bell switches to up to 100 different telephone lines of PABX or trunks
  • TPI+
    This special interface contains so to say a miniature telephone switchboard. It can connect your door phone directly to a phone or mobile phone
  • Access control
    You can combine percectly these systems with our access controle module