TPI + Door phone interface

This interface is the ideal solution to swith the call from the door phone to an interbal or external phone. You order a ready made package with very simple instructions on how the interface has to be connected and configured (eg granting phone or mobile phone number)?


What does it do?
Opening of the door from the called telephone (intern or extern).

Ideal for persons who are not always at home or have difficulties moving.

  • Farmer
  • Docter
  • Pharmacist (on duty)
  • Undertaker
  • Elder people
  • Disabled people
  • Answer the door from the garden
  • Guard duties 



  • Connects to an analog phone WITHOUT a central switchboard (to witch teh door phone to an internal, an extrenal or mobile phone)
  • Compatible with all current intercom
  • Easy to install and use
  • Possibility to prgram a certain number of rings and calls
  • For both new and existing installations
  • Door opening from the phone
  • Provides power for the intercom and door locks.
  • Works with any two wire phone TONE
  • Works without central switchboard
  • Can be installed before or after a telephone