How does it work? Calsys

Flexicom-Calsys ® is a simple and user-friendly system consisting of a keyboard, a display and a buzzer

How does it work?
The nursing staff can report through the keyboard and register all activities to the central computer:

  • Presence / Departure
  • The provided care
  • The provided service
  • The delivered products
  • The precautions to be observed
  • The specific questions of the patient

All keyboards are connected by a 3-wire bus which can also perform several home automation commands (lighting, heating, alarms)

Also works on existing cabling
An important advantage of the Calsys ® bus system is that it can be installed on existing wiring in existing homes. This represents a significant savings in renovations.


Bus system
In a bus system, in addition to the power cables, universal separate cable loops are pulled to all switches and / or outlets. This makes that all components are connected together in one big loop.
After installation, everything is programmed via PC.

Our bus system is operated via a universal cable with three conductors: two power wires and one wire data. ("databus" called). Several modules can be linked to the 'bus'. You decide later, when programming the system , what each module has to do. This way you set up a simple usable system, which offers unlimited number of opportunities for expansion.
You can also use other home automation applications via the bus system , such as lighting, heating, etc.