What happens with a call?

It is important that the call is immediately followed and that all activities are recorded.

What happens when a call is placed?

  • You are very quick on the spot because all calls are sent to all terminals (with identification) where a staff presence is detected.
    The staff also receive calls via their portable phone.
  • Upon entering the room the staff conducts his personal code. When leaving the room (or room where the service was provided), the personal code again via the keyboard. This is very quick and easy.
  • Alert reader or via so-called "Dalas key '(key) is also available.
Each call is with his own "answer" registrated, which allows:
  • to display and consult at any time the events on one day, one room, a patient, etc
  • to automatically bill the care and services, where they were given (room, bathroom, communal lounge ...)
  • entering data on the patients: blood pressure, heart rate, weight, temperature, calculated amounts
  • to know details of the staff : time clock, ...
  • to store the data per month
  • to display Activity Reports (example - MS Excel
  • to connect al related data to the patient record