By installing CALSYS in every room

the staff has a real communication tool, a means to register, manage, book and inform;

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The care administered can be entered from anywhere in the residence (nurses' room, room, corridor) where a resident may be. The calls can be viewed from any device: Bip, telephone, DECT, hallway displays.

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Staff must identify themselves before submitting any concerns they have been given. All entered interventions (pulse, blood pressure) are automatically registered on the CALSYS server.

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The information can be entered in a few clicks by the care staff. Everything is also clearly readable on the devices: call number, number of active calls, number of the room from which the call originated.

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Access control intecoms


For example, control for the door, dressing or entrance hall

Telephony - beep - DECT

Sending messages on wireless devices and communication between personnel

       Wireless extension

Possibility to connect the system to the wireless accessories such as alarm buttons, motion sensors and fall detectors.