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Protect your building access. We offer reliable technologies in terms of speaker phones, intercoms and access control systems

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Know who goes in and who goes out

If you want to be in control of who accesses your property and building, easily and without straining your budget, ED Access is the ideal solution for you. Whether with a badge, a match-on card or a key card, you can control the access to certain locations, floors, offices at any time. Everything can be managed from a central area, meaning a personnel change will automatically be taken into account for the entire building.

Easy to set up
Our systems are easy to integrate, both in existing buildings and renovations. In addition, we can link these systems with your nurse call system and telephone systems. 

40 years of experience
Our access control system has been developed by our company in the eighties and has proven its reliability and comfort in thousands of installations. We continually invest in our systems in order to stay on top of the latest technology.

Card badge reader

Access keys

Badge reader on keys

Card badges