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Telephony remains a crucial element in business life today

In recent years, telephony has evolved enormously from a technology based on a standard analog system to new VoIP technologies that allow the transport of Voice over an IP network.

At Electronic-Design, telephony has always been at the center of the services we offered because it constitutes an essential element of communication in a company (both between colleagues and to the outside)

Our policy is to focus on user comfort by offering the most stable products on the market and best fitted to your situation.

IP telephony - Analogue and DECT

We install the telephone system that fits best in your new or existing structure. This can be the older and/or the more modern systems according to your preferences and at a very competitive price.

It is also quite possible for us to couple our technologies to different devices to optimize in the best way the communication between your staff and service members (nursing home call or access control).

At the same time, we provide state of the art telephone systems using voice over IP (VoIP) telephony.