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    We offer custom made solutions for  : 

    Nurse calling systems - Intercoms - Access control systems - Telephony 

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    Access control systems

    We offer the best technologies in terms of speaker phones, intercoms and access control systems.


    Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

    Calsys - Nurse calling systems

    Discover the multiple available products we have to offer.

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    Telephony - VoIP- DECT

    According to your needs, wireless or not, we have the appropriate telephone material for you.

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    ICT - Management

    We support you for the installation of your IT infrastructure.

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    Senior and you want to continue living at home?  With Vitadomi you can do this safely and easily.

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    Belgium company
    Electronic Design exists already more than 40 years. We are a Belgian company, working with mostly Belgian products. The majority of our products are assembled in our premises in Brussels or Ternat. We offer a wide range of products having to do with access control systems, nurse calling systems and telephony  VoIP-DECT. We not only install these products, we also offer you ICT support. You can always count on our maintenance team or even go for a maintenance contract offering you 24/7 support. Our strength is that we not only install our products in new buildings and projects, but also in already existing buildings.