1.  The fact for the buyer to place an order with the seller carries acceptance, without reservations, of its general conditions of sale. Derogations or additional clauses will apply only with written confirmation from us, and only in the context of the contract for which they have been accepted. The provisions of these general conditions to which they do not derogate remain applicable.
2.  Our representatives can not bind us.
3. Any claim, to be valid, must reach us in the week following the delivery.
4.  Our offers are without commitment. Any quote, to be worth engagement, must be confirmed by the customer.
5.  Transport fees are paid by the client.
6.  Our offers are valid for a period of one month from the date of said offer, unless otherwise stipulated by us.
7.  In case of showing or renting our equipment, the customer is solely responsible for the damage caused to this material.
8.  In case of cancellation of the order, or in case of refusal of delivery by the customer, 40% of the total value of the contract will be due by the customer for costs and deprivation of profit on business concluded.
1.  Our invoices are payable in cash and without discount. For orders over € 5000, the following amounts are payable: * 30% of the total amount of the offer to the order * 20% of the total amount of the offer at the beginning of the site * the balance, at the end of site upon receipt of the invoice.
2. For any late payment will be due interest of 10%, as well as an indemnity of 50 €. The default of payment will result from a simple registered letter to the post office which will not have been satisfied with our residence within 5 days.
3. The property of the goods is acquired by the purchaser only by the payment of the totality of the invoice.
4. We reserve the right, at any time, to deliver the goods ordered against reimbursement of the net price, without discount, all costs borne by the customer.
1.  All our devices are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship.
2.  The warranty period is one year from the date of delivery.
3.  The warranty covers the replacement of defective parts and labor for this replacement, as well as the checks and adjustments required for this replacement. The warranty does not entail any other liability of any kind.
4.  The guarantee expires automatically and definitively as soon as the goods change ownership or leave Belgium, or are assigned to a destination that was not planned, or undergoes changes without our agreement, or if it includes spare parts that do not have not been provided by us, or if it has been repaired in the meantime by anyone outside our own organization. The warranty does not cover repairs required as a result of abnormal use or as a result of the incompetence or negligence of the operators, as a result of a flagrant lack of maintenance, or by the installation of the appliances in a place no appropriate.
5.  An intervention under cover of the guarantee can not have the effect of prolonging it.
6.  The guarantee is not transferable. 7. The guarantee is not the subject of a separate document.
1.  Delivery times run from the receipt of the regular and complete order; they agree at the exit of the factories of the suppliers and are given without engagements, unless expressly stated otherwise.
2.  The goods always travel at the risk and peril of the buyer, even when the transport costs are at our expense. In case of delay, damage, loss, etc ..., the buyer must directly address his claims to the carrier.
For all disputes, it is expressly assigned jurisdiction to the Courts and Tribunals of Brussels and borough, whatever the place where the contract is born or must be executed.
1. Repairs are payable in cash, without discount, upon delivery of repaired materiel.
2.  The return to service of the device by us at the customer's home will be taken into account.
3.  The cost of an estimate is 38 euro deductible in case of repair.
4.  The establishment of a repair estimate will be made only after a written request from the customer. 5. In case of repair, shipping costs will always be borne by the customer.
The buyer may make use, in an advertising tip, of our name or the brands that we represent or manufacture with the intention of mentioning at the same time the name under which he himself trades and to specify his status as a seller dealer.
Any return of merchandise not authorized by the seller will be refused.
1.  In accordance with the laws in force, it is forbidden to the buyer, under penalty of prosecution, to reproduce in whole or in part, the models that he has bought or that he has seen.
2.  It is also forbidden to transmit information allowing the total or partial reproduction of these models, in which case he would be guilty of complicity in the crime of counterfeiting.